Respect Everyone, Including Your Future Self.

Your work. Your legacy. You put the time and effort into bringing something to fruition. Be explicit. Leave explanatory comments for potentially confusing code. Leave justification comments for breaking style guides or using unorthodox techniques. Anyone should be able to pick up where you left off after inheriting the code base. You should be able to continue where you left off with minimal effort after a leave of absence.

Give Good Feedback and Be Open to Receiving It.

Provide and receive constructive criticism gracefully. Not everyone works the same way—recognize that. Keep the critique on the creation not the creator, and never scorn your peers for making a mistake. Take nothing personally and consider all alternatives presented by your peers. Remember, we're on the same team and we all want the best possible solution.

Work Together.

Ask questions, receive answers. Everyone wins. You will never find a more diverse set of skills placed into one team—use that to your advantage. As individuals, we have weaknesses. As a team, our individual weaknesses disappear as they are augmented by other people's strengths. Pair programming works.

Measure Twice, Cut Once. Repeat as Needed.

Moving quickly is fine, but not all movement is forward movement. Taking the time to plan out solutions before implementation is crucial to not only saving time in the long run, but ensuring progress is actually made. That’s not to say you will only need to do this once. Sometimes forward movement means learning what doesn’t work. When that occurs, apply the lessons learned from the previous iteration, then plan and execute again.

Pursue and Share Knowledge.

Learn for the sake of learning and then share what you know. Don't take your own knowledge for granted. Just because you know something doesn't mean others do. You never know how your knowledge can save someone else hours of frustration. Mentor others and allow yourself to be mentored. Use other people's strengths to overcome your weaknesses. Learning is a journey not a destination.

Embrace Challenge.

Never back away from adversity. Embracing challenges forces us to dig deeper and work harder. Growth requires change and change creates growth. Challenges reveal limitations. If you are unaware of your limitations, how can you surpass them? If you never surpass your limitations, how can you ever hope to fulfill your potential? Never be afraid of failing.

“Fear is a path to the dark side…” —Yoda

Never Settle.

Best yourself. Complacency breeds mediocrity and is the natural born enemy of progress. The most dangerous place you can find yourself is in your comfort zone.

“A ship in a harbor is safe, but that’s not what a ship is built for.” —Unknown